Old Coots Tractor Pull, Medway MA.

I used to photograph the Old Coots Tractor Pull during the summers when I was employed at the Milford Daily News, but since leaving the paper I hadn’t been back to cover it again. However, I made my mind up to go at least a couple of times this summer and photograph it again. A few of the regulars that attend the event ¬†remembered me and were happy to have me there. I love seeing the generations of young and old tractor enthusiasts that often bring their families to watch the brightly colored machines of yesteryear compete in the friendly tractor pull competition.OldCootsTractor_0616-52 OldCootsTractor_0616-40 OldCootsTractor_0616-34 OldCootsTractor_0616-220 OldCootsTractor_0616-192 OldCootsTractor_0616-196 OldCootsTractor_0616-156 OldCootsTractor_0616-183 OldCootsTractor_0616-137 OldCootsTractor_0616-146 OldCootsTractor_0616-112 OldCootsTractor_0616-148 OldCootsTractor_0616-122 OldCootsTractor_0616-129 OldCootsTractor_0616-229 OldCootsTractor_0616-56 OldCootsTractor_0616-241 OldCootsTractor_0616-232 OldCootsTractor_0616-235


5 thoughts on “Old Coots Tractor Pull, Medway MA.

  1. Jake, Thank you for sending these beautiful pictures. I will share them with The Old Coots. Regards, Jack Anderson

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